All You Need to Know About Synthetic Urine and Its Uses

Synthetic urine is a liquid created artificially. It is created in a way that it has all the chemical and physical properties is that of urine extracted from human beings. Synthetic urine is used for two purposes: helps in the calibration of lab equipment that used in testing urine and secondly, aids in passing a drug test by replacing a person’s urine with fake ones.

The Chemical Composition of Synthetic Urine

synthetic urineSynthetic urine should have all the chemical and physical properties of human urine. The human urine has typically inorganic and organic substances. These components are present as a result of cellular metabolism or the remnants of the food that has been eaten. The ideal ratio of organic to inorganic components is normally 4:3.

The organic components of synthetic urine are uric acid, creatinine and urea. Urea is the main substance of synthetic urine. Urea contains about 94% of nitrogen of urine. It is, therefore, not necessary to include uric acid when creating synthetic urine. Creatinine should be included since it is a hydrated form of the compound creatine.

The inorganic components include ammonia, phosphates, sulfates and chlorides. In urine, approximately half of the inorganic substances is sodium chloride. When freshly peed, ammonia is in low quantities since it is very toxic. However, when left at room temperature for several hours, ammonia will grow since bacteria are breaking down the urea. Synthetic urea should have a low quantity of ammonia.

The temperature of synthetic urine should be about 95 degrees Fahrenheit for it to be acceptable. The other specification for synthetic urine should be: pH of 4-9, specific gravity of about 1.035 and solids content by weight should be approximately 2-7%.

The synthetic urine can be in a normal concentration, concentrated or powdered form. The concentrated synthetic urine can be packaged as gel or liquid or even paste. In most cases, it contains a carrier like a pectin matrix which is easy to dissolve in water. The normal and concentrated synthetic urines are not supposed to be stored with a heat activator.

Use the heat activator only when you want to heat the sample to the temperatures required. The powdered synthetic urine is normally mixed with heat activator. To save on space, the synthetic urine that is dried is preferred. When needed, combine the dried urine with water to get a liquid mix.

Uses of Synthetic Urine

workInitially, synthetic urine is majorly used in the laboratories for testing the drugs, equipment and calibration. The accuracy of the equipment is checked by testing urine that had been mixed with various chemicals and toxins. Human urine is not used because of its odor and the fact that it must be frozen during transportation.

Also, people use synthetic urine to pass a drug test. It is easily sold by reliable sellers both online and from brick and mortar stores. When you manage to handle it properly and deliver to the lab, then you are assured of passing the test.


In the recent past, the use of synthetic urine for drug test has increased. People do not want anything standing between their dream jobs. With enough precautions and the right information, you can easily go through this hurdle.