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Synthetic urine is a liquid created artificially. It is created in a way that it has all the chemical and physical properties is that of urine extracted from human beings. Synthetic urine is used for two purposes: helps in the calibration of lab equipment that used in testing urine and secondly, aids in passing a drug test by replacing a person’s urine with fake ones.

The Chemical Composition of Synthetic Urine

synthetic urineSynthetic urine should have all the chemical and physical properties of human urine. The human urine has typically inorganic and organic substances. These components are present as a result of cellular metabolism or the remnants of the food that has been eaten. The ideal ratio of organic to inorganic components is normally 4:3.

The organic components of synthetic urine are uric acid, creatinine and urea. Urea is the main substance of synthetic urine. Urea contains about 94% of nitrogen of urine. It is, therefore, not necessary to include uric acid when creating synthetic urine. Creatinine should be included since it is a hydrated form of the compound creatine.

The inorganic components include ammonia, phosphates, sulfates and chlorides. In urine, approximately half of the inorganic substances is sodium chloride. When freshly peed, ammonia is in low quantities since it is very toxic. However, when left at room temperature for several hours, ammonia will grow since bacteria are breaking down the urea. Synthetic urea should have a low quantity of ammonia.

The temperature of synthetic urine should be about 95 degrees Fahrenheit for it to be acceptable. The other specification for synthetic urine should be: pH of 4-9, specific gravity of about 1.035 and solids content by weight should be approximately 2-7%.

The synthetic urine can be in a normal concentration, concentrated or powdered form. The concentrated synthetic urine can be packaged as gel or liquid or even paste. In most cases, it contains a carrier like a pectin matrix which is easy to dissolve in water. The normal and concentrated synthetic urines are not supposed to be stored with a heat activator.

Use the heat activator only when you want to heat the sample to the temperatures required. The powdered synthetic urine is normally mixed with heat activator. To save on space, the synthetic urine that is dried is preferred. When needed, combine the dried urine with water to get a liquid mix.

Uses of Synthetic Urine

workInitially, synthetic urine is majorly used in the laboratories for testing the drugs, equipment and calibration. The accuracy of the equipment is checked by testing urine that had been mixed with various chemicals and toxins. Human urine is not used because of its odor and the fact that it must be frozen during transportation.

Also, people use synthetic urine to pass a drug test. It is easily sold by reliable sellers both online and from brick and mortar stores. When you manage to handle it properly and deliver to the lab, then you are assured of passing the test.


In the recent past, the use of synthetic urine for drug test has increased. People do not want anything standing between their dream jobs. With enough precautions and the right information, you can easily go through this hurdle.




Many women envy those who were blessed with prominent breasts, and so, they look for methods that can help them enhance their chest areas. It is true that, nowadays, there are various ways in which the size of the breast can be improved, but the thing is, not all of these are safe.

So, if you are looking into enhancing the looks and size of your bosom, it is crucial that you search for the safest breast enlargement method.

Why is it important to look for a safe breast enhancement option?

Aside from your lady part, the chest area is also considered as a sensitive region. That is why proper breast care is highly emphasized. If you neglect this part of your body, you may end up with a breast cancer and other health conditions that involve the boobs.

The use of products that are too strong can also cause problems with the breasts. Instead of making your bust look bigger and firmer, they can compromise your overall health. With that said, you have to be very careful when choosing a breast enhancement method.

Let us have a look at some of the safest ways in which you can improve your bust;

Breast enhancement cream or gel

One of the most popular products these days when it comes to enlarging the breast is an enhancement cream or gel. You might be wondering why this type of product is better than going for surgery.

First and foremost, surgery can cause complications. But with a cream or gel, you won’t have to worry about such issues as long as you purchase a brand that contains healthy ingredients. To ensure that you are buying the right thing, you have to check the ingredient list. From here, you can tell if the product is, indeed, safe and effective.


By using a supplement that has been formulated to stimulate breast growth, you can achieve good results. It works by providing the body with a certain amount of the so-called ‘phytoestrogen’ (comes from plants). This substance mimics the function of estrogen, which is basically the hormone that controls all the processes in a woman’s body including breast growth.

Breast exercise

jhdjd84Some women are not aware that special exercises can actually improve the size of their breasts. As long as you perform them on a regular basis, you will see the positive effects sooner or later.

Examples of exercises that target the muscles in the chest region are push ups, chest dips, and dumbbell flys. If you do these forms of exercises and use a breast enhancement cream as well as pills, you will certainly achieve your goals pretty soon.

The thyroid gland plays a very critical role in the production of hormones that aid in metabolic activities of the body. It is this gland that is responsible for the energy production. Therefore, anything that will compromise its efficient functioning would lead to lethargic feeling, feeling of tiredness and general weakness. When the gland is impaired, it could end up producing fewer hormones, which is called hypothyroidism and when it is producing a lot of hormones, it is a condition called hyperthyroidism.

When these two conditions occur, the doctor typically prescribes medication that will aid in relieve the symptoms of the two conditions. The main way of How to Keep Your Thyroid Healthy is through proper nutritional intake that promotes thyroid functioning.

Maintaining healthy thyroids

Eat foods rich in iodine

Iodine is the main mineral that thyroid needs for proper fungjhghghghvhvhvhvhvhvhvhvhvhctioning. It is required by the body in very small amounts. People can only obtain this nutrient from the foods they eat so you must take foods that are rich in Iodine. Many dieticians recommend seafood found in saltwater like the shellfish. Sea vegetables are also rich in Iodine as well.

Take foods rich in complex carbohydrates

You cannot get maximum thyroid hormone production if you don’t have enough carbohydrate. In hypothyroidism, there is constipation, lack of proper digestion and stomach upset. Complex carbohydrates promote optimum thyroid hormone production and dietary fiber which assist in proper bowel movement.

Vegetable plays a proper role

Besides having the powerfunjsnjvnnsdnvnmsdnvmsndvmnsmvsmdl nutrients that boost proper thyroid function, vegetables contain fewer amounts of Iodine which help greatly in promoting proper thyroid function. Some people have inherited thyroid disorders which can only be rectified through invasive medical intervention. With such conditions, dietary supplements play little to no role so you need serious diagnostic evaluations after which you can then continue maintaining good thyroid health promoting diet.

The power of fats cannot be underestimated

Fats are always good to the thyroid gland when taken in small amounts. Fats improve the energy production when they are broken down into amino acids. Also in excess starvation, the fats play a critical role in energy production to the body. Olive oil, linseed oil, canola oil and coconut oil are good sources of these fats. Sun flower seeds are also good in the production of fats that are crucial for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

When the thyroid is malfunctioning, the general well-being of a person will be compromised. One of the ways on How to Keep Your Thyroid Healthy is to have regular medical checkups of the thyroid to be in a position to prevent any health issues that could be on the rise.

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or hypertension, your physician has most likely advised you to make healthy dietary changes. Based on the National Institutes of Health, low-sodium foods are good for the heart and can help reduce high blood pressure. More importantly, your new diet for hypertension should be rich in flavor. These foods include fruits that help reduce high blood pressure. Try these high blood pressure friendly fruits and start adding them to your regular diet:

Fruits that help reduce high blood pressure


Not only are they healthy and delicious, but bananas cakdfknkdnfbnkdnbknkdnfbkdnbkdfn also help lower your risk for heart disease and stroke. They are rich in sodium and potassium. Potassium is usually recommended to individuals suffering from high blood pressure. So eating bananas on a regular basis can help lower blood sugar levels and high blood pressure.


Watermelon is another fruit that people should get more of. When it comes to high blood pressure, it helps since it contains L-citrulline. This relaxes the arteries, thereby lowering blood pressure levels. Therefore, make this a daily treat. Add melon to your regular diet, and your heart and entire body will thank you.


This fruit has a unique, tangy taste. Choose ripe grapefruits for better quality and taste. Grapefruit contains bioflavonoids, which help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Grapefruit is also rich in potassium and provides sufficient amounts of daily potassium intake for people suffering from hypertension.


Avocados fight high blood pressure in some ways, from the fiber, and potassium they contain to the mono-unsaturated fat they are rich in. This three-fold approach allows you to keep your blood pressure stabilized. It is extremely easy to incorporate them into your regular diet as well. They are good in many healthy meals and may be used in tacos, salads and more. You can also eat them directly or as a snack between the main meals.

Oranges and Lemons

The Vitamin C present in orllmlbldlfmblmldfmblmdflbmdlfbdbanges and lemons has antioxidant properties, and apart from
helping you keep colds at bay by boosting your immune system, it can lower your blood pressure. You can either eat them as whole fruits or drink like juice.

It is highly recommended to eat a wide variety of fruits, including the ones we’ve listed here. So if you are part of the almost one-third of US citizens that are suffering from high blood pressure, be sure to take the right steps to correct it. The good news is that you can bring your blood pressure to normal levels by either making dietary changes or with the proper medication.

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